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Switch&Go Dino

Vtech is an electronic learning toys company offering the top learning toys in today’s market.  It is a Hong Kong-based worldwide supplier of electronic learning products from Baby to preschool and the world’s largest manufacturer of the cordless telephone. Vtech has a huge range of products for all ages ranging  from cameras and laptops to keyboards and pianos, one of the newer toy ranges being the Switch&Go Dino.

Aside from toys they also sell an impressive range of nursery and baby equipment such as monitors and mobiles.

Dinosaur fossils have been discovered on all seven continents. All Non-Avian species went extinct approximately 66 million years ago. There are roughly 700 known species that are now extinct. Birds of today are a kind of dinosaur because they share an ancestor with non-avian dinosaurs. Crocodiles and alligators are also considered living dinosaurs.

They  emerged on Earth around 230 to 240 million years ago when the planet was hit by a massive asteroid. Nyasasaurus Parringtoni is believed to be the first one to have ever lived on Earth. It predates all others by more than 10 million years.

They all died more than 65 million years before humans inhabited Earth. Triceratops was the last known species to survive.

We stock a wide range, from Jurassic Park to Vtech Switch&Go Dino , available in store and online to help your child discover the prehistoric world.

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