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Enter the magical world of Unicorns. They are among the most popular mythical creatures. Kids are naturally fascinated by beauty and colours. The ethereal beauty of these majestic creatures appeals to their curiosity and imagination. For kids, they also represents joy & adventure with their association with rainbows, clouds, and vibrant colors. Undoubtedly, Unicorns are kids comfort & support icons. Can’t find what you are looking for? Check out our stunning range of Unicorn and all things magical from the Schleich Bayala range.

The Schleich range consists of Schleich BayalaSchleich DinosaursSchleich EldradorSchleich FarmSchleich Horse ClubSchleich OceanlifeSchleich Wildlife. It covers everything from Horses, Wild animals / Adventure Toys, Farm Animals / Farm Yoys, Monsters and dragons, Mythical creatures and Dinosaurs and Volcanos.

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